The projects contain much provision for differentiation. Examples are as follows:

NC target setting – when discussing the section being worked on, such as research or design, the students should be encouraged to choose a level which will be achievable but also stretch them. The NC guides are clearly incremented.

Differentiated Brief – the brief is in three parts:
a) what ‘must’ be achieved e.g. basic learning and outcomes for lower abilities
b) what ‘should’ be achieved e.g. an ability to do basic calculations, understand more complex terminology and fully integrate specification points into designs and practical
c) what ‘could’ be achieved e.g. undertake all extension work especially those which involve more independent work (for example ‘produce your package in a foreign language’).

Additional project target setting- at the end of the brief students can choose more general targets to help them stretch their own individual way of working.

Tasks- often the tasks involve practicing what has been learnt and get more difficult. An example may be the drawing exercises which require a greater level of sophistication as the tasks progress. When the students do WWW tasks the questions towards the end are deliberately aimed high so those who find the rest easy will be challenged e.g. ‘click on Mechanical Efficiency and describe how it is worked out and do the following calculation’.

Extension work- the extension work is not just more of the same. So when used it often involves doing some independent research or a challenge. However, there are those who get ahead because they are hard workers and not necessarily higher ability. For such reasons the extensions sometimes require them to do a slightly different activity using their new skills to deal with a task. For example the vocabulary task will include matching the words with the meanings but the extension may be ‘now describe the meanings for these extra words’. This requires them to look through the project and check they understand the meanings. Some pages will have two extensions, one for extending the existing work and another to challenge the more able student.

Resources - at the back of the project booklet there is a list of resources, including websites, and where to find them in the school. This is very useful for those who want do well and need help finding information. It encourages independent learning.


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